C1 Truck Driver Training Celebrates 11 Years at Fort Worth CDL School


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American flagEleven years ago today, C1 Truck Driver Training began its first CDL training class in Ft. Worth, TX.

The next day, the Twin Towers fell in Manhattan, and the world hasn’t been the same since.

Our school has developed into one of the premier schools in the area, and our country has developed into a more opportune place for people of all faiths, nationalities, races, and lifestyles.

This is an example of why people are risking their lives and fortunes to come to the United States to pursue the American dream. Even though times change, drive and personal ambition are still being rewarded in a way unlike any other nation in the world.

I can testify personally, that only in America could someone learn from a failed opportunity and be able to lead talented people and help others find success like I have been able to do since being hired as Fort Worth truck driving school director.

May God continue to bless the owners, officers, directors, and staff. I’d like to extend a personal “thank you” to my staff at the Fort Worth, Texas C1 campus. Long live C1 Truck Driver Training.

To show you just how great C1 Fort Worth is, here are some CDL school reviews we’ve received from past grads…

“Good stuff. I thank all the staff of C1 Training and the instructors on the range. May God continue to be with you all and may your company continue to blossom. God bless you all.” - Justin Jones, Sr.

“C1 Truck Driver Training has been life changing. My expectations were exceeded. I am confident that this program works and the staff and program are structured for success. I would highly recommend this school to my friends and family. Kindest regards!”  – Ken Bores

“All of the instructors as a whole have years of experience and have a wealth of knowledge and beneficial tips and instruction that can benefit any newcomer to the field. As students, it’s our job to open our ears. I am very happy that I chose C1.” – Eliseo Garza Jr.

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Norman Sheffield
C1 Fort Worth School Director