Preparing for the 1st Day of C1 Truck Driver Training – Rich’s Tips


Air Force veteran Rich Brule is the director of the Ft. Wayne C1 campus. Read more from

The first day of CDL training can be a nerve wracking experience. A common question is usually, “what the heck should I expect?!” This is a great question. Most students haven’t been in the classroom for years or even decades, so it can be a bit stressful to know what to expect. I’m going to discuss just that today and detail what the first day of class at C1 Ft. Wayne is really like.

It’s normal to feel nervous on your first day of training, but the staff here at C1 Ft. Wayne does an awesome job of helping prioritize the many requirements you will have to meet while you’re here at C1 Truck Driver Training.

What’s the First Day of Training Like?

On your first day of training, you will meet many new people, so it’s important to arrive with an open mind! Soon after you arrive, you may meet people of all cultures from many countries who will be chasing their dream of becoming a truck driver. You will likely meet people that will share the same challenges and ultimately you may build permanent friendships with your classmates, and maybe even some of the instructors who will be helping you reach your ultimate goal — your CDL!

Much of your first day will be spent doing procedural tasks and getting familiar with the students, your school environment and the staff as well. However, we have a great deal of information to cover with you, so come prepared to get to work on the first day!

After the first day you can expect to get a little more familiar with the lessons we will be covering with you as well as how important your attendance will be while you are here at C1. The course is fast paced and it will be very important to minimize any distractions that will hamper your ability to keep up with the pace.

How to Take Advantage of the First Day

My advice for getting the most out of your first day of training here at C1 is to be prepared when you arrive! Make sure you ask many questions when talking to your Driver Solutions agent and arrive prepared. Any time spent having to send for a document you forgot to bring with you is time away from learning. With the length of the course and the volume of material we will be covering, you cannot over prepare! This is the key to having a productive and enjoyable experience at C1 Truck Driver Training.