3 Tips for Truck Driver Training Success


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3 Truck Driver Training TipsTruck driver training is the first step toward starting a new career as a professional driver.  A lot of your success during training is based upon how prepared you are prior to beginning trucking school.  While our instructors are here to teach you basic skills needed to find a truck driving job, you must come to training ready to hit the ground running.

To help you prepare, I’d like to share my 3 tips for truck driver training success.  Check em out below!

1.Prior to beginning truck driver training, students need to mentally prepare themselves and their families for the challenge ahead.  Becoming an over-the-road (OTR) truck driver will require a lifestyle change for the entire family and having the support from those closest to them will make the process much smoother.

I’ve seen students begin truck driver training unprepared mentally by surrounding themselves with distractions such as video games, personal TVs and large stacks of movies.  This all takes away focus from the task at hand – learning the skills necessary to obtain a CDL.  Truck driver training students need to physically and mentally put every waking minute into their studies whether it’s on the CDL permit, pretrip or watching each other and practicing their driving skills. Students must ask for help if they don’t understand of if they are struggling.  It’s important that they accept the help and guidance of their trainers and not go to other students.

2. It’s a great idea to download or obtain a hard copy of the CDL manual from the state in which you will be attending truck driver training.  It doesn’t hurt to read this manual several times as it holds an enormous amount of information.  Any of the information in the manual may be seen again on the permit test, so pay close attention.  This will give you an advantage when you begin the classroom portion of training.  I have noticed that the students with the most confidence are the ones that have researched every avenue possible to be better informed.

3. I recommend that all truck driver training students begin using a online tool such as eGears to access CDL practice tests prior to training.  Nearly all students that have been able to score a 100% on eGears have passed the CDL permit test the first time.  This is partly due to the knowledge you obtain from eGears, but also comes from the confident you build just by being better prepared

By taking the time to do these three things prior to beginning truck driver training, you will be prepared to start the journey of getting a CDL.

  • Dav Wayman

    Hi Tami, great article! These tips can surely help drivers to be more knowledgeable on the road. Moreover, driver trainings from reliable companies also help drivers to know the latest road regulations, helping them make their roads safer.