4 Things to Do Prior to CDL Training


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Question: What can a CDL training student do prior to starting trucking school to that will help him/her better prepare?

Answer:CDL Training - 4 Things to Do

1. I recommend that all CDL training students sign up for eGears online CDL training and utilize the resources provided to prepare for the CDL tests.  eGears has a Class A CDL Permit Practice Test that does a good job of presenting sample questions and answers you’ll likely see on the CDL exam.  Doing this prior to training will give you a nice head start as you’ll be more familiar with the information once class starts.

2. It’s also a good idea to obtain a CDL manual from their individual state; while they will be testing in Indiana (at C1 Truck Driver Training in Ft. Wayne) – the CDL test questions from state to state are very similar.  In most states, you can pick up the CDL manual at the local DMV at no cost.

3. If coming from another state to CDL training, obtain a Driver’s License handbook from their home state to study. While they are testing in Indiana signs and basic driving rules and regulations are fairly standard nationwide and most students have not studied these regulations for many years.  It never hurts to brush up!

4. It’s also absolutely critical that the students get their home life in order prior to CDL training.  Students need to be able to focus on one thing at trucking school and that’s learning the skills necessary to obtain a Class A CDL license.  While it’s certainly understood that at times unexpected things happen that have to be dealt with, the day to day living will need to be handled by family that is at home to allow the student to shift his or her focus to school.

Closing Thoughts:
While it’s not required that students haven any truck driving experience prior to training, there are some things you can do to be better prepared.  Taking time to become familiar with the CDL manual and do some of the other things mentioned above will only allow you to maximize your time at training and find a truck driving job opportunity as soon as possible.