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After spending 22 years in the Navy as a Master Training Specialist, John Triplett retired in 2000 to pursue a career in the trucking industry. Triplett originally came through the C1 Truck Driver Training Program in 2001 before going to work as a truck driver with PAM Transport. After quickly proving himself as a driver, he was soon asked to become a driver trainer for PAM. John trained numerous students for PAM and drove over-the-road for 6 years before returning to C1 Training. He soon became the lead trainer at a C1 trucking school campus and shortly after that was moved promoted to a Director position within the company. Triplett’s experience makes him a wonderful resource for information as he came through the same truck driver training program you are about to begin.

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C1 Truck Driver Training Donates $1,330 for ALS

Groups of students gathered across 5 locations alongside their instructors and other C1 staff to participate in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  Each person had his or her own reason for accepting the challenge of dumping ice cold water (we made sure it was extra cold) over their head to support this worthy organization.  Some [...]

Truck Driver Appreciation Week GPS Giveaway at C1 Campuses

Truck Driver Appreciation week is fast approaching! Every year during Truck Driver Appreciation Week, we celebrate truck drivers for all the hard work they put into the jobs we as Americans tend to take for granted. Think about it — what would happen if there were no trucks? There would be no food on our [...]

Get Out And Look — Scenarios Where GOAL Benefits Truckers

Get Out And Look, or GOAL, is a phrase in the trucking industry that is used in speech and theory often, but not enough in actuality. Let’s look at some of the times where getting out and looking would benefit you: When backing into a blind side situation in an area where you cannot see [...]

IAACE GED Plus Program – Government Funded CDL Training in Indiana

* This is a guest post by Rick Curtis — C1 Truck Driver Training Operations Manager. * Several weeks ago, I was asked to be a featured speaker at the Indiana Association for Adult Continuing Education (IAACE) Conference at the French Lick Resort and Spa in southern Indiana. IAACE is an organization that encourages adult [...]

Rewriting Industry Stereotypes by Being a Professional Truck Driver

As with anything you do in this life, your attitude can and will determine your success. No matter what your job is, if you get up in the morning with a chip on your shoulder and/or a bad attitude, you will have a bad day. If you go into the day thinking “Man this day [...]

A Truck Driving Job is in My Blood – Growing Up With Trucks

We often hear the phrase “trucking is in my blood” during and after CDL training. Many students have grown up with parents or relatives in the industry and want to follow in their footsteps and begin a truck driving job themselves. “Trucking is in My Blood” To many people this phrase could mean different things. [...]

Truck Driving Lifestyle: A New Driver’s Guide to Adjusting to OTR Life

Aspiring truck drivers often have many questions about what they’re getting themselves into, and understandably so. This is a big change to make, and it comes with lots of lifestyle adjustments. Today, I’m going to discuss many of those truck driving lifestyle adjustments and how you can make them a bit easier on both you [...]

C1 Truck Driver Training Experience – What CDL Training is Like

We get a lot of questions on what our truck driver training program is like, so today I decided to sit down and discuss our staff and teaching methods with you all. C1 Staff Experience At C1 Truck Driver Training in Fort Wayne, Indiana, the instructors have an accumulated total of over 200 years of [...]

A New Way to Practice Backing During CDL Training?

One of our recent CDL training students at C1 Indianapolis created this mockup of the campus driving range and I wanted to share it with you all. Don built this model completely to scale to help him practice backing. He drew lines onto his model with a highlighter and used chess pieces as cones. Don [...]

8 Q & A’s with Indianapolis CDL Training School Instructor of the Month – Tim Hatfield

Mr. Tim Hatfield was recently named our C1 Indianapolis Instructor of the Month for July.  Let’s find out what makes him a student favorite… Q: How did you get started in the trucking industry? A: I was a student at C1 back in 2008.  Actually, Craig (former instructor of the month) was one of my [...]