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About Norman Sheffield

Number of years as C1 Director: Over 10 years

Hobbies: Remodeling projects at home and for friends, assisting with the Recovery Ministry at church

What was your first experience in the trucking industry?

Sheffield drove cross-country for about three years, worked in Oklahoma and California in student orientation and processing, and then recruiting for six years in Texas.

What qualities do you bring to C1 Truck Driver Training?

His years in the construction and remodeling and real estate business enable him to bring many years of organizational and management skills .

Words to live by…

"Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You."

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How to Keep Your Family Life in Order with a Truck Driving Job

Probably the greatest resistance to starting a truck driving job is the extended time away from home, but there are several things you can do to help alleviate your absence from friends and family at home. Make sure that your partner at home is in agreement to what you’re doing, and stay in communication with [...]

“A New Chapter in Life” – C1 Trucking School Review

Title: A New Chapter in Life Graduation date: 11/16/12 In July of 2012, I became unemployed and was not eligible for unemployment benefits. I searched for a job but was having no luck at finding one without having CDLs. In September, I started the process with C1 trucking school and in October I began my [...]

FAQ: Does CDL Training Require Experience Driving a Stick Shift?

I don’t have any experience in driving a stick shift vehicle or driving with a trailer. Will this be a problem during CDL training? – Joe L. Joe – In today’s world, there are many people who have never driven a motor vehicle that did not have an automatic transmission. But in almost 11 years, [...]

C1 Truck Driver Training Celebrates 11 Years at Fort Worth CDL School

Eleven years ago today, C1 Truck Driver Training began its first CDL training class in Ft. Worth, TX. The next day, the Twin Towers fell in Manhattan, and the world hasn’t been the same since. Our school has developed into one of the premier schools in the area, and our country has developed into a [...]

C1 Truck Driver Training Feedback – Getting Out of it What You Put In

We received this comment on the C1 Truck Driver Training Fort Worth Facebook page a few weeks ago that I’d like to share with you today: The text reads: Entering my third and final week here. School is as advertised. I have no complaints. Student advice was dead on… you get out of it according [...]

Truck Driving School Review – “C1 Feels Like Family”

Today I’d like to share a comment we received from a recent C1 grad on our C1 Ft. Worth Facebook page…         When you read items such as the one posted above by one of our recent students, Carl Kinch, you can understand why C1 Truck Driver Training in Ft. Worth, Texas [...]

FAQ: What forms of identification will truck driver training accept?

I can’t seem to find my social security card. I am supposed to start school at C1 next Monday. I was wondering if I could use my birth certificate or some other form of ID. I can put in for a new social security card, but it wouldn’t be here in time. Thanks. -Nathan Hi [...]

Video: What’s It Really Like at Fort Worth Truck Driving School?

One of the most important aspects in the operation of any company or institution is to convey concern for the success and welfare of your customers or students. I think one of the most important foundations of our success has been not only teaching the personal and technical skills required to drive a truck, but [...]

Truck Driving Career – Get the Most from Your Driver Trainer

There are many things that go into the making of professional truck drivers. Driving skills will come with experience, but a person must be disciplined in many areas of life to succeed in any job, especially truck driving careers. Many people are changing careers after experiencing some sort of economic despair in their lives and [...]

Truck Driving Job Necessities – Must-Have Truck Driver Travel Items

The average person does not conceive the lifestyle change that commercial drivers experience when starting their first truck driving job. Staying in your new home, a truck cab, is very different from say, a hotel room or an apartment. Many students will review websites, visit seminars, and converse with driver friends and family, but those [...]