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About Rich Campbell

Number of years as C1 Director: 1 year

Hobbies: Landscaping work, running and watching sports

What was your first experience in the trucking industry?

I grew up the son of a truck driver, and my very earliest childhood memories are of being in awe of the trucks, and what my Dad was able to accomplish behind the wheel.

What qualities do you bring to C1 Truck Driver Training?

Attention to detail, and many years of managing multiple projects.

Words to live by…

"10% of life is what happens to you… The other 90% is how you respond to it."

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Title: I did it! Graduation Date: 5/15/2012 On April 23, 2012, I started C1 Driver Training in Springfield, MO. I didn’t have a clue how to drive a truck and I was nervous. From Day 1, the C1 Staff in Springfield worked hard to make us all comfortable with the training. However, the nervousness grew. [...]