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About Tami Simpson

Number of years as C1 Director: 4.5 years

Hobbies: taking road trips on my motorcycle, spending time with my grandson and going to the spa (Hot Springs is my favorite)

What was your first experience in the trucking industry?

I started out as a recruiter at SRT (Southern Refrigerated Transport) at the time they were in Ashdown, AR they are now in Texarkana, AR .

What qualities do you bring to C1 Truck Driver Training?

I am a very motivated, enthusiastic and will give 100% to helping each person that attends our school gain the confidence and abilities that it takes to become a driver.

Words to live by…

Leaders must learn to discipline their disappointments. It is not what happens to us. It is what we choose to do about what happens that makes the difference in how our lives turn out. "

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It’s very normal to be nervous for the first day of CDL training. In fact, it would probably be more unusual if you weren’t! It’s a new, nerve-wracking experience and many students haven’t been in a classroom for many years when they take the leap to get a CDL license. So, what exactly should incoming [...]

3 Goals to Set for Success as an Entry Level Truck Driver

Goal 1. To be a safe driver. By my actions, I will show that I respect my job and that I am proud to be a truck driver. Goal 2. To be a leader in the trucking industry by following my company policies, being on time for my loads, and being a good representative for [...]

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“Get Out And Look” – The Importance of Backing a Semi Safely

G.O.A.L., or Get Out And Look, is an acronym that is taught during CDL training to emphasize the importance of safety and proper backing procedure. GOAL can help prevent backing accidents and will come in handy in myriad situations you’ll face during your trucking career. When Should I Get Out And Look? Some instances where [...]

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What does a “professional truck driver” entail? This is a question we see frequently. In my opinion, a “professional” truck driver is someone who is respectful, not only at the shipper, but to his company and on the road. He is someone that always makes his deliveries on time and can be counted on to [...]

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Title: Working Hard at Trucking School Graduation Date: 9/20/12 When I first came to trucking school I was nervous and didn’t know anyone. I was outside my environment. But over the first few days I met some good guys. So much was crammed into the first week, but I stayed up late and worked hard [...]

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Title: My C1 Story Graduation Date: 8/10/12 I started on July 23, 2012. When I arrived the day before class to check in, I was very impressed with how sweet Ms. Virginia was. She was very helpful in all aspects. On day one of training, it was hectic and very nerve-wracking. Meeting new people, all [...]

C1 Little Rock Contests – Grad of the Month & Instructor of the Month

C1 is rolling out two new Facebook contests at our Little Rock campus – Grad of the Month and Instructor of the Month. Grad of the Month We want to recognize our fans on Facebook by rewarding one graduate every month with our Grad of the Month award. At the end of the month, we [...]