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About Tami Simpson

Number of years as C1 Director: 4.5 years

Hobbies: taking road trips on my motorcycle, spending time with my grandson and going to the spa (Hot Springs is my favorite)

What was your first experience in the trucking industry?

I started out as a recruiter at SRT (Southern Refrigerated Transport) at the time they were in Ashdown, AR they are now in Texarkana, AR .

What qualities do you bring to C1 Truck Driver Training?

I am a very motivated, enthusiastic and will give 100% to helping each person that attends our school gain the confidence and abilities that it takes to become a driver.

Words to live by…

Leaders must learn to discipline their disappointments. It is not what happens to us. It is what we choose to do about what happens that makes the difference in how our lives turn out. "

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