C1 Truck Driver Training Donates $1,330 for ALS


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C1 Ice Bucket Challenge

Groups of students gathered across 5 locations alongside their instructors and other C1 staff to participate in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  Each person had his or her own reason for accepting the challenge of dumping ice cold water (we made sure it was extra cold) over their head to support this worthy organization.  Some had family members who had battled this disease.  Others had just learned about it as the Ice Bucket Challenge started to make its way across social networks everywhere.  Either way, it was a cause much bigger than any one person or one thing and a cause that united us all as one.

It all started when the president of C1 Truck Driver Training, Matt Carroll, was nominated for the challenge by our friends over at Driver Solutions. Watch him kick off the C1 challenge below…

After taking the challenge himself, Matt challenged all employees and students attending any of the 5 C1 locations around the country. Seeing as the company would donate $10 to the ALS Association for each participant, of course we had to accept! Check out C1 Indianapolis’ ice bucket challenge below, and be sure to follow your campus on Facebook to see each of their videos!

We’re very proud to say that we had over 130 people participate and were able to raise a great deal of money.  Ice Bucket Challenge aside, it’s conditions such as ALS that make us all stop to think about just how precious life is. We had a lot of fun doing this challenge for a great cause, but more importantly, we raised $1,300 for the ALS Association!