C1 Truck Driver Training Review: “A New Career!”


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Title: A New Career!
Grad Date: 10/11/13

I was unemployed and looking for work when my son-in-law suggested I get my class A Commercial Driver’s License and drive over the road, I started looking into CDL training schools and made several calls looking for the right school.

From the first call to C1 in Springfield I spoke with Diana Pulse. She was very professional and informative. She sent me the information about the school and explained how everything worked and even sent me information on companies that would pay for my training up front and arrange for me to pay the company back over the first year working for them.

After that call I decided C1 was where I wanted to get my truck driver training. I started my training on September 23. My first week instructor was Dan and he made the first week much easier by explaining things and detail. He had a great sense of humor and several years of first hand experience from driving over the road himself.

The second week we were training on the yard and driving on the road. My yard instructor was Paul — prior military, prior truck driver and an awesome personality; strict on the training but he also eased the tension by telling you about past experiences and treating you like a person instead of a number on a training log. I felt like he was behind me all the way to get me the best training on the backing and parking maneuvers.

My driving instructor was Jim. He had a hardcore attention to detail and a great sense of humor. I am sure he gets tired of saying the same things to you over and over — foot on the floor, tag it up, hands on the wheel, scan your intersections, check your mirrors! This man has unreal patience and was a great instructor.

I had help in the school from other instructors like DJ, Mike, Tom, Harry, and Joe. All of them were professional and friendly and have years and years of experience. I can’t leave out Kevin, he was great helping me with paperwork and suggestions. He is prior military and has that sense of pride in his job. I really liked that.

Everyone at the school helped me to get the training I was looking for and trained me to pass my Missouri state CDL test. On Friday October 11, 2013 I took my test and passed the first time. Three weeks of training and learning and practice came down to that moment and now I have my Class A CDL and a new career. Thank you to everyone at C1 Springfield!

Robert S.

Hey Robert,

So glad to hear that you enjoyed your CDL training experience. Your story is not a unique one, but it is always great to hear that things went the way you had expected them to. The biggest reason for that is the effort and attention to detail that you put into it. While we are very appreciative of your kind words, it is ultimately your own hard work and focus on training that makes this a success. We do have a program that is structured for success with a team of professionals that work hard to assist you each step of the way, but at the end of the day YOU are the one that made this a success! Keep up the same hard work out there that you displayed here and you’ll have a long successful career!


Director, C1 Springfield

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