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Get Out And Look — Scenarios Where GOAL Benefits Truckers

Get Out And Look, or GOAL, is a phrase in the trucking industry that is used in speech and theory often, but not enough in actuality. Let’s look at some of the times where getting out and looking would benefit you: When backing into a blind side situation in an area where you cannot see [...]

3 Goals to Set for Success as an Entry Level Truck Driver

Goal 1. To be a safe driver. By my actions, I will show that I respect my job and that I am proud to be a truck driver. Goal 2. To be a leader in the trucking industry by following my company policies, being on time for my loads, and being a good representative for [...]

Rewriting Industry Stereotypes by Being a Professional Truck Driver

As with anything you do in this life, your attitude can and will determine your success. No matter what your job is, if you get up in the morning with a chip on your shoulder and/or a bad attitude, you will have a bad day. If you go into the day thinking “Man this day [...]

The Underappreciated Professional Truck Driver

Too often, truck drivers are underappreciated because the majority of people simply don’t realize what it takes to do the job.  I routinely tell students here at C1 Springfield that the easiest part of being a professional truck driver is driving a truck.  What does that mean??  The singular act of driving a tractor trailer [...]

Truck Driving Lifestyle: A New Driver’s Guide to Adjusting to OTR Life

Aspiring truck drivers often have many questions about what they’re getting themselves into, and understandably so. This is a big change to make, and it comes with lots of lifestyle adjustments. Today, I’m going to discuss many of those truck driving lifestyle adjustments and how you can make them a bit easier on both you [...]

Becoming A Trucking School Director – Rich’s Truck Driving Story

As someone that’s relatively new to C1 Truck Driver Training, I look back on my time here and think about how I arrived.  I grew up as the only son of a truck driver (with 4 sisters) and was in, on, around, and under trucks my entire life.  I had a deep interest and fascination [...]

Becoming a Professional Truck Driver – Upholding a Positive Image

What does a “professional truck driver” entail? This is a question we see frequently. In my opinion, a “professional” truck driver is someone who is respectful, not only at the shipper, but to his company and on the road. He is someone that always makes his deliveries on time and can be counted on to [...]

“Professional Truck Driver” – What It Means To Me

The definition of a professional truck driver is a discussion that comes up frequently in class. Being a professional means more than just having your CDL. It’s presenting the company in a positive way. It’s doing your job with pride and making sure everything is executed correctly. Today, I’m going to talk a little bit [...]

Truck Driver Jobs – How To Make A Smoother Lifestyle Adjustment

For most people, a new truck driving career means a big lifestyle change. There are some that make the adjustment easily, and some that don’t. I want to spend a few moments to talk about those lifestyle changes and give you a few truck driver tips that can hopefully alleviate some of your concerns. Time [...]

Managing Truck Driver Home Time – Making The Most Of Time Off

It’s important for a truck driver to plan home time so he/she gets to take a break, but also so they can spend time with their family and get things done around the house. As you already know, home time is going to come at a premium during your truck driving career, so you must [...]