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Springfield Truck Driver Training Review – Paula Killingsworth

Title: Wow!! Graduation Date: 7/10/2012 When I went to C1 Truck Driver Training, all I had was the desire to learn how to drive a big truck. I wanted it and was willing to work for it. I met the staff and knew I had come to the right place. When I actually had the [...]

Springfield C1 Truck Driver Training Review – “I’m On My Way!”

Title: On my way! Graduation Date: 6/22/2012 I wanted to get a Class A CDL because driving a school bus with about 3 months off a year just wasn’t cutting it. As a person who absolutely loves road trips, this seems like the perfect job for me. At C1 Truck Driver Training, I received instruction [...]

Springfield Truck Driver Training Review – Corey Hart

Title: My C1 Experience Graduation Date: 6/24/2012 I do not know where to begin. I have been pondering obtaining my CDL ever since I retired from the Army. I bounced around for a while between a few police departments, and even worked at a hospital as a nurse before I took the plunge and started [...]

A Special Letter From 3 Little Rock Students – C1 Training Reviews

We received this letter in the mail (old-fashioned snail mail!) a while back and wanted to share it with you all today.  This review is special for a couple of reasons: Diane (the student) took the time to type up this review and mail it too us.  It’s not everyday you receive a letter in [...]

Little Rock Truck Driving School Graduate Story – John Beam

Title: Good Instructors Graduation Date: 6/14/2012 I attended C1 North Little Rock as a CDL holder that hadn’t driven a combination vehicle in 15 years. From the very first day, I felt I was welcomed. The instructors are good at what they do. The office staff is friendly and efficient with all the paperwork. I [...]

Truck Driving School Review – “C1 Feels Like Family”

Today I’d like to share a comment we received from a recent C1 grad on our C1 Ft. Worth Facebook page…         When you read items such as the one posted above by one of our recent students, Carl Kinch, you can understand why C1 Truck Driver Training in Ft. Worth, Texas [...]

“Sweat & Tears” – C1 Springfield Truck Driver Training Review

Title: Sweat and Tears Graduation Date: 6/7/2011 I have always known that at some point in my life, I would at least try to become a professional driver. I grew up around it for the majority of my life and the road was in my blood, so the shift from passenger to that of a [...]

Getting to Know the Instructors at Truck Driving School

During your time at truck driving school, it’s important to realize the impact that the instructors will have on your time at school as well as on the rest of your career. Your CDL training instructors will set the foundation for your success and teach you the basics of the industry. Our team of C1 [...]

Truck Driving School Review from C1 Springfield, MO

Title: I did it! Graduation Date: 5/15/2012 On April 23, 2012, I started C1 Driver Training in Springfield, MO. I didn’t have a clue how to drive a truck and I was nervous. From Day 1, the C1 Staff in Springfield worked hard to make us all comfortable with the training. However, the nervousness grew. [...]

Behind the Scenes at CDL Training in Springfield, MO

Whether you’re contemplating getting into school to obtain your CDL or you’re already a student, you’re probably obsessing over everything that you need to accomplish in order to prepare for the state CDL exam. While that’s extremely important, I want to take a moment to talk about one aspect of your experience here at truck [...]