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Getting to Know the Instructors at Truck Driving School

During your time at truck driving school, it’s important to realize the impact that the instructors will have on your time at school as well as on the rest of your career. Your CDL training instructors will set the foundation for your success and teach you the basics of the industry. Our team of C1 [...]

FAQ: What forms of identification will truck driver training accept?

I can’t seem to find my social security card. I am supposed to start school at C1 next Monday. I was wondering if I could use my birth certificate or some other form of ID. I can put in for a new social security card, but it wouldn’t be here in time. Thanks. -Nathan Hi [...]

Driving With Truck Driver Trainers – Tips For Success

Following graduation from C1Truck Driver Training, you will spend time with truck driver trainers from the company in which you will be driving for in order to further develop your skills. It’s important to make the most out of this time, so I’d like to share some tips for company driver training success. Have the [...]

My Experience As A C1 Truck Driver Training Director

Becoming a C1 Truck Driver Training Director Prior to working with C1 Truck Driver Training, I held a position as a trainer in the Navy where I earned the title of Master Training Specialist. Training was (and still is) something that I was always good at, and something that I took a personal satisfaction in [...]

Pre-Trip Inspection – How It Impacts Truck Driver Safety

The pre-trip inspection is one of the most important lessons you will learn during truck driver training. If you don’t conduct a pre-trip inspection before every load you deliver, you put yourself as well as others in danger. Today I’m going to talk a little bit about why the pre-trip inspection is so important and [...]

Pre-Trip Inspection: An Important Part of Truck Driver Training

The trucking industry is constantly evolving to adjust to an ever-changing world. With over three million drivers nationwide, it is even more important to keep all of our big rigs safe and in optimal working condition. Safety has always been at the forefront of the trucking industry, but it has taken on a new meaning [...]

3 Truck Driver Goals To Ensure Success During Your First Year

Starting a new career as a truck driver can be intimidating for recent CDL training grads, but if you set these three goals, your first year as a professional driver can be both successful AND rewarding. 3 Goals To Ensure Success as a Truck Driver Safety The first, and most important goal you should set [...]

Truck Driver Training – What’s It Like To Be A C1 School Director?

Being the school director of a C1 Truck Driver Training school can be a lot of work. But it’s work that I don’t mind doing because it’s so rewarding for me. Here’s what being a C1 Truck Driver Training school director is like for me. A  new beginning at C1 Truck Driver Training When I first [...]

Why Choose C1 Truck Driver Training – Fort Worth?

History & Experience As we finish up our ten year anniversary class here at C1 Truck Driver Training, Fort Worth – I sometimes take a moment to reflect on the journey.  It has been simply amazing.  We have one of the most dedicated group of truck driver training instructors in the business with some having [...]

3 Tips for Truck Driver Training Success

Truck driver training is the first step toward starting a new career as a professional driver.  A lot of your success during training is based upon how prepared you are prior to beginning trucking school.  While our instructors are here to teach you basic skills needed to find a truck driving job, you must come [...]