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A Real Life Example of Why Truck Driver Safety is Important

Our very own Rich Campbell was featured in a recent local news story about a tragic semi truck accident in Republic, Missouri that resulted in a double fatality. The Accident The accident occurred when a semi truck traveling 19 miles over the speed limit crashed into the back of a car stopped at an intersection. [...]

Making a Truck Driving Career Change Later in Life

Many students come to CDL training to learn the skills needed to start a 2nd or even a 3rd career at a later stage in life.  You can make a truck driving career change well into your adult life and there are still plenty of opportunities available. We see folks from all walks of life [...]

A Truck Driving Job is in My Blood – Growing Up With Trucks

We often hear the phrase “trucking is in my blood” during and after CDL training. Many students have grown up with parents or relatives in the industry and want to follow in their footsteps and begin a truck driving job themselves. “Trucking is in My Blood” To many people this phrase could mean different things. [...]

Team Truck Driving vs. Solo Driving – Which Is For Me?

Now that you’ve decided that you’re going to take up a career in trucking, you need to determine what area of the industry best suits your needs.  There are many different types of freight to be hauled — produce, auto parts, appliances, building materials, chemicals, livestock.  You get the idea.  As the old saying goes, [...]

How to Keep Your Family Life in Order with a Truck Driving Job

Probably the greatest resistance to starting a truck driving job is the extended time away from home, but there are several things you can do to help alleviate your absence from friends and family at home. Make sure that your partner at home is in agreement to what you’re doing, and stay in communication with [...]

“Get Out And Look” – The Importance of Backing a Semi Safely

G.O.A.L., or Get Out And Look, is an acronym that is taught during CDL training to emphasize the importance of safety and proper backing procedure. GOAL can help prevent backing accidents and will come in handy in myriad situations you’ll face during your trucking career. When Should I Get Out And Look? Some instances where [...]

Video: 6 Reasons to Start a Truck Driving Job

Many people enter the trucking industry for similar reasons. Maybe they grew up around trucks. Or maybe the bad economy is hitting them hard and they need a source of income ASAP. We asked C1 training instructors to share some of the popular reasons why people choose to begin a truck driving job. Watch the [...]

Truck Driving Job Necessities – Must-Have Truck Driver Travel Items

The average person does not conceive the lifestyle change that commercial drivers experience when starting their first truck driving job. Staying in your new home, a truck cab, is very different from say, a hotel room or an apartment. Many students will review websites, visit seminars, and converse with driver friends and family, but those [...]

Team Truck Driving Jobs – Advantages and Disadvantages

After you complete CDL training and finish riding with your trainer, you will officially begin either a solo or team truck driving job. There are advantages and disadvantages to both, so make sure you take a moment to review the type of job you’d like to pursue. Today, I’m going to talk about some of [...]

Truck Driving Jobs – Team or Solo?

If you’re looking for truck driving jobs, you may be wondering which would be a better fit — team driving or solo driving. When making decisions about whether to drive solo or as a team, truck drivers should take into account the pros and cons of each driving situation prior to deciding. I’ve laid out [...]