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Why the 1st Day of C1 Trucking School is the Most Important

It’s very normal to be nervous for the first day of CDL training. In fact, it would probably be more unusual if you weren’t! It’s a new, nerve-wracking experience and many students haven’t been in a classroom for many years when they take the leap to get a CDL license. So, what exactly should incoming [...]

Truck Driver Appreciation Week GPS Giveaway at C1 Campuses

Truck Driver Appreciation week is fast approaching! Every year during Truck Driver Appreciation Week, we celebrate truck drivers for all the hard work they put into the jobs we as Americans tend to take for granted. Think about it — what would happen if there were no trucks? There would be no food on our [...]

Get to Know the C1 Truck Driving School Directors

You may have seen posts from them on the truck driving blog, but who exactly are the directors of each C1 Truck Driver Training campus? Today, I’m going to take a minute and introduce you to each of them! Keep reading for a summary of each truck driving school director as well as links to [...]

Two C1 Indy Contests: Grad of the Month and Instructor of the Month

C1  recently launched two new contests at our Indianapolis campus – C1 Grad of the Month and C1 Instructor of the Month. Keep reading for information on these contests and how to enter! Grad of the Month C1 Indianapolis is kicking off a Facebook campaign to name a Grad of the Month each month. The [...]

C1 Springfield Wins Missouri Flag of Freedom Award

C1 Springfield was recently nominated by the State of Missouri for the Flag of Freedom Award, which recognizes businesses that go above and beyond in supporting our veterans as part of the Show Me Heroes program. The Show Me Heroes program is designed to connect military veterans with job opportunities when they return home from [...]

Video: What’s It Really Like at Fort Worth Truck Driving School?

One of the most important aspects in the operation of any company or institution is to convey concern for the success and welfare of your customers or students. I think one of the most important foundations of our success has been not only teaching the personal and technical skills required to drive a truck, but [...]

Video: 12 Truck Driving School Tips Straight From C1 Students

Beginning truck driving school can be an overwhelming experience for some students at first.  After all, operating an 18-wheeler with a big diesel engine isn’t exactly easy.  To help you prepare, we talked with some students and asked them to share their top tips for making the  most of your time at truck driving school. [...]

Springfield Truck Driving School Graduate Story – Anthony Owens

Title: Fourth Generation Graduation Date: 3/30/2012 I was working for a cleaning company going nowhere. I have wanted to truck for years since I was a kid. I come from a long line of truckers and it’s in my blood. I started C1 Truck Driver Training on March 12, 2012 and graduated on March 30 [...]

Trucking School Friendships & How They Benefit Your CDL Training

Your end goal at C1 Truck Driver Training is to get your CDL, but you should also make an effort to meet people while you’re attending school.  One of the first things you’ll have to do at trucking school is study for the CDL permit exam.  Forming study groups and making friends with which you [...]

Springfield Truck Driving School Graduate Story – Jonathon Bray

Title: Dream Come True Graduation Date: 04/22/2011 I grew up around trucks all my life.  I knew from a young age I wanted to follow in my Dad’s footsteps and become a truck driver.  Once I turned 21 and was able to obtain my CDL, I found out very quickly that actually finding a person [...]