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Blind Spots on a Truck and 3 Dangers They Present [Infographic]

One of the very first things you learn during CDL training is where your blind spots are located. While all vehicles have blind spots, the ones on a semi truck are much larger than those on your typical 4-wheel passenger vehicle. Unfortunately, many motorists are unaware of where these spots on semis are located and [...]

3 Tips for Saving Money on the Road as a Truck Driver

Author Bio: Mark Kinsel is the big cheese over at Driver Solutions and a 19-year-veteran of the trucking industry. He’s been trying his hand at writing a lot lately, and has penned quite a bit of work for Great CDL.   For truckers everywhere, saving money on the road is important. Anyone with proper truck driver [...]

Alleviating Safety Hazards by Conducting a Proper Pre-Trip Inspection

One thing you’ll hear repeatedly while you’re in CDL training is this:  “Know your pre-trip.” Let’s take a few moments to understand what that really means. In order to get your CDL in Missouri, you must pass three practical exams:  your pre-trip inspection, your backing skills test, and your road driving test. All three hold [...]

How Big is the Trucking Industry? Statistics About Truck Driving

The trucking industry is a huge sector of the American economy, but often doesn’t get the recognition or respect it deserves. The phrase, “If you bought it, a truck brought it” could not be more true, but many people don’t stop to think about where we’d be if trucks weren’t on the road! So…trucks are [...]

Teamwork Creates Success in Truck Driving Jobs

As you’re contemplating making that jump into truck driver training and start asking all those good questions, you’re probably going to hear a lot about being out there alone on the road.   People are gonna talk about the isolation, and the freedom to “be your own boss.”  While statements such as these certainly bear some [...]

“Get Out And Look” – The Importance of Backing a Semi Safely

G.O.A.L., or Get Out And Look, is an acronym that is taught during CDL training to emphasize the importance of safety and proper backing procedure. GOAL can help prevent backing accidents and will come in handy in myriad situations you’ll face during your trucking career. When Should I Get Out And Look? Some instances where [...]

Truck Driving Career – Get the Most from Your Driver Trainer

There are many things that go into the making of professional truck drivers. Driving skills will come with experience, but a person must be disciplined in many areas of life to succeed in any job, especially truck driving careers. Many people are changing careers after experiencing some sort of economic despair in their lives and [...]

3 Essential Travel Items for Beginning Your Trucking Career

A very common question we get here at C1 Truck Driver Training is, “What are some must-have travel items to make life easier on the road for new truck drivers?” This is a good question to be thinking about after completing CDL training, because it means you’re now getting focused on starting your new trucking [...]

Truck Driving – A Second Career For Unemployed Job Seekers

When you analyze the truck driving industry through the years, you’ll find one thing that remains consistent — the demand for skilled, safe, and dependable truck drivers.  This is just one of the reasons a truck driving career makes a great option for many people currently out of work or looking to make a change. [...]

Is Truck Driving In Your Blood?

If you ask truck drivers why they decided on a career in truck driving, some will tell you, “because it’s in my blood.” But what exactly does that mean? Well, it depends on who you’re talking to. “Truck driving is in my blood.” I have heard this phrase numerous times over the course of my [...]