A New Way to Practice Backing During CDL Training?


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One of our recent CDL training students at C1 Indianapolis created this mockup of the campus driving range and I wanted to share it with you all.

Don built this model completely to scale to help him practice backing. He drew lines onto his model with a highlighter and used chess pieces as cones. Don attached the cones to the table with double sided tape, which allowed them to fall over if they were hit by the toy truck — just like real life!

Don used the remote control truck to help him perfect and understand how a real semi truck moves. The RC truck had a full range of movement and helped Don visualize the backing procedure more clearly. Check out the video below for a demonstration…

Don’s model really illustrates how you have to take initiative in this industry. The C1 instructors can teach you the basics on how to do things and will do their best to help you grasp techniques, but if you’re not understanding something or need additional help, you can always take matters into your own hands like Don! Don created a practice method that worked for him and catered to his needs and learning style, and what do you know? The next day, Don went out in a REAL semi truck to practice backing and nailed it.

This technique garnered a lot of attention from fellow C1 students who thought it was a great idea to help understand the concept of backing such a large vehicle. It was so well-received that we’re actually going to use something similar here! It jJust goes to show… come up with a great training method, and we just might make it part of the C1 CDL training curriculum!


  • Doelmo

    What a great idea…wish some one whould have asked over and aover for one at sprinfield,mo.