CDL Training During the Holidays – Why It’s a Good Idea


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There are many things to consider as you ponder some tough decisions with respect to making big changes in your life. With the holiday season approaching, it makes it a little tougher to figure out the right way forward.

Why would someone want to attend CDL training with the holiday season coming up? Sometimes you need to make the short term sacrifice for the long term gain. What does that mean? Well, being away from loved ones during the holidays can be tough, but let’s look at what you stand to gain…

More focused training

If you come into school now, there will be fewer people in class. Fewer people means more time for YOU behind the wheel. More time behind the wheel means you are much more prepared come test day. Instructors don’t have as many students vying for their attention, making the holiday season a great time to get more focused training.
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The weather doesn’t get really bad until January. Is there a good chance for snow before then? Absolutely, but your odds of good weather are way better before January 1st. Added perk — when the bad weather hits, you’ll be with a trainer. It’s important to get that experience, but it’s much safer to be with a trainer during bad weather than to be alone.

Heavy freight

Freight will be very busy around the holidays, and many experienced drivers have scheduled time off. Your time out with a trainer should be very busy. Busy time goes by much quicker than idle time.

Ability to train

After you finish your training time and get some experience under your belt, in some cases you can become a trainer yourself by summer. You will have already experienced winter driving, seasonal transition, covered a lot of miles, and you’ll have a high level of confidence in yourself. The carrier will also have lots of confidence in your ability by that time.

By getting into CDL training now, you have the potential to accomplish all of this in the first half of your first year. We can always come up with excuses why we shouldn’t get started on a major life change. What we have to focus on are the solid, valid reasons why we must get started now. There will always be something that will impede our progress if that’s what we’re looking for. We must look for the advantages as to why we should get started now and make the best decision for our future.

“Putting off an easy thing makes it hard. Putting off a hard thing makes it impossible.”

- George Claude Lorimer