Behind the Scenes at CDL Training in Springfield, MO


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Whether you’re contemplating getting into school to obtain your CDL or you’re already a student, you’re probably obsessing over everything that you need to accomplish in order to prepare for the state CDL exam. While that’s extremely important, I want to take a moment to talk about one aspect of your experience here at truck driving school in Springfield, MO that you probably haven’t given much thought to.

The administrative operations that happen behind the scenes are enormous. The gathering of information, processing of applications, submitting applications, graduation paperwork… all are a vital part of your success at CDL training.

Diana and Cindy work tirelessly to handle all of these tasks in a seamless fashion, so you can concentrate on your training and not have to worry about what I call the “necessary evil” of paperwork processing. There will be times where your CDL training could be interrupted in order to answer a question or provide information, but rest assured that this only happens when no other options are available.

truck driving school in Springfield MO

We know that most of you come in here from quite a ways from home. It’s important that you feel comfortable, relaxed, and welcomed from the moment get to school. Di and Cindy are the first C1 Springfield staff that you encounter when you arrive, and they go above and beyond in making sure that you feel you’ve made the right decision. It’s important to all of us that you can be comfortable and relaxed, as that directly correlates to your success in the program.

Your time spent here is simply step one in your training to become an over the road truck driver. It is the foundation on which you build your career. We take our role in that very seriously, and understand that your time spent with us sets the tone for the road ahead (pun intended).

I’m very proud of the staff we’ve put together at our truck driving school in Springfield, MO. The staff here at C1 works extremely hard to ensure that all of your administrative issues are handled smoothly and professionally. We take great pride in providing an atmosphere and culture that cultivates learning and progression as comfortably as possible. We get to know everyone by name, and we also get to know a little bit about all of our students. If you are struggling with any part of CDL training, sometimes you just want to see a smiling face and take a moment to have a pleasant conversation about anything other than training. We get that! You just need to take a step back, take a breath, and recalibrate.

Your thoughts and feelings as students are important to us. We look at your reviews on a regular basis, and have noticed that our students here at C1 have nothing but good things to say about our administrative staff. Here are some of the C1 truck driving school reviews we’ve received from past students:

“The administrative staff at C1 are very hardworking professionals who do their jobs very well and go above and beyond for the students of C1.”

“The admin employees are outstanding! Warm greeting, and to the point on what to expect. Any question I had was answered thoroughly and I believe truthfully.”

“All of the staff was so helpful and could answer any question I had. I got sick when I was here and instead of them thinking of me as a number, they thought of me as a friend.

We have all been where you are right now. We have all been in a strange town, around strange people, learning something new. It can be stressful, and a huge part of our job is to take that stress away. We do that with genuine care, concern, and compassion. Once you get to know Di and Cindy, you will know that you’ve made a friend you can count on.

truck driving school in Springfield MO