Why Choose C1 Truck Driver Training – Fort Worth?


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History & Experience
As we finish up our ten year anniversary class here at C1 Truck Driver Training, Fort Worth – I sometimes take a moment to reflect on the journey.  It has been simply amazing.  We have one of the most dedicated group of truck driver training instructors in the business with some having been here seven, eight, and nine years.  When we started ten years ago, our philosophy was to offer an excellent product at a fair price and TREAT PEOPLE RIGHT.  We have been doing that for ten years and IT WORKS.  Many truck driving schools in the area have closed during that ten year time period, especially after the recent economic recession.  We’ve been fortunate enough to have not laid off any staff or instructors.

C1 Truck Driver Training - Fort WorthWe Care About Your Success Even After Graduation
We teach each student the skills necessary to pass the Class A CDL written exam and skills test as well as the other skills necessary to pass any carrier’s road test.  Each student that comes through our truck driving school in Fort Worth is given one my cards with a phone number to call with any questions they may have after they graduate from school and have started a  new career.  I think one the greatest strengths of our school is the dedication and experience of our personnel and a desire to assist all students in pursuing their new career even after they’ve graduated.

Inexperienced or Experienced – We Can Help
While we work with a lot of inexperienced drivers, there are many individuals returning to truck driving school after several years off the road in order to re-enter the industry.  It is a great help to have had previous experience in many areas of the trucking industry and we’re able to work with these students so they can make the adjustment to all of the new rules and regulations.

It Works
In conclusion, I would like to say that the trucking industry is one of the most necessary and secure jobs in the nation, but it is not for everyone. Some may pursue it just to “have a job” and give up, but for the one who endures and becomes a professional truck driver will be richly rewarded. How do I know, because it worked for me, Norman Sheffield, Director of C1 Truck Driver Training, Ft. Worth, Texas.

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