Driving With Truck Driver Trainers – Tips For Success


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Following graduation from C1Truck Driver Training, you will spend time with truck driver trainers from the company in which you will be driving for in order to further develop your skills. It’s important to make the most out of this time, so I’d like to share some tips for company driver training success.

Have the right attitude

For starters, attitude is number one when it comes to learning from a driver trainer. These are professionals that have been doing this job for quite some time. They have a wealth of knowledge to share. Having that positive, optimistic outlook at the onset of your training period will set the tone for your entire journey with your driver trainer. There will be rough spots along the way, but that’s just part of the job. There will be times when you’re tired, but not out of hours, so you must keep working. Your attitude has the potential to change during a tough stretch, but don’t let it. Control your attitude so your attitude won’t control you.

Respect boundaries

It can get crowded living in a truck with another person, and during your training time you’ll be a guest in your driver trainer’s truck. When you head out for your training time, pack only the bare essentials that I shared in my essential travel items blog from last week. Your training time is a very short, temporary period and it’s important that you respect your driver trainer’s space and not over-step your boundaries while out there. If you’re not sure what those boundaries are, ask. That’s what this period of time is designed for. Time for you not only to learn the in-and-outs of the trucking business, but time for you to learn what it’s going to take to live the lifestyle of an over-the-road truck driver.  Remember, this is an extension of the truck driver training you received at school.

Ask questions

While out there with your truck driver trainers, take every advantage of what short time you have. Take notes on various procedures as you’re going through them. Take pictures and save them to a laptop. Never be afraid to ask questions. Again, that’s what this time is for. If you ever ask yourself, “I wonder what this is?” ask it out loud to your trainer. The only bad questions are the ones that don’t get asked.

Get to know your trainer

As your training progresses and you get better at the job, there will be times behind the wheel where you’re just driving and enjoying the peace. Take this opportunity to get to know your truck driver trainers better. Ask about his or her family, hobbies, interests, etc. What this does is give you insight into how this individual became successful. You can then elaborate on that by outright asking them, “How did YOU make it all work?” This assists in preparing you for that OTR lifestyle, time away from home, time spent back home, interaction with family while on the road, and so on and so forth.

Final Thoughts:

Your driver trainer is a true professional that takes their job seriously. Some may come across with a gruff exterior, but that’s just the business side of them showing you that this is a very serious career that you’re getting into. Once you show them that you are indeed taking it seriously with a determined, dedicated, and safe approach, you will see how much they will let down that gruff exterior and show you their much more personable interior. Truck driver trainers are very dedicated, career oriented individuals that are doing everything in their power to get you trained in the safest, most efficient means possible. I’d like to close with a fitting quote…

Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on Earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.

- Thomas Jefferson