Why the 1st Day of C1 Trucking School is the Most Important


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It’s very normal to be nervous for the first day of CDL training. In fact, it would probably be more unusual if you weren’t! It’s a new, nerve-wracking experience and many students haven’t been in a classroom for many years when they take the leap to get a CDL license. So, what exactly should incoming students expect for that first day of C1 trucking school?

I’ve written in the past about the importance of forming trucking school friendships during CDL training. Making friends at school is a great way to learn and progress through training. You’ll meet a LOT of new faces the first day of truck driver training, so it’s important to come prepared and ready to meet/create study partners and groups. Many of our past students still keep in touch with friends they made during trucking school, and who knows, you could meet the person you’d like to team drive with at school.

Just to clear up one misconception, no students aren’t thrown into a huge truck on the very first day of truck driver training! It’s a guided process. In fact, the first day starts bright and early with completing necessary paperwork. After this is completed, students will begin classroom training, which focuses on all the ins and outs of becoming a professional truck driver, including trip planning, map reading, logging, and of course general knowledge-type information you’ll need to know to pass your CDL permit test. After the first few days of truck driving school, students can expect to have all the necessary information needed in order to pass your CDL class A permit test.

Students will want to make sure they get as much out of that first day as possible. My advice for taking advantage of your first day at training is to listen, stay focused at the task at hand (getting your CDL!) and never be afraid to ask questions about something that may not make sense right away. The instructors are here to teach you how to drive an 80,000 pound truck. Ask questions! If additional help is needed, instructors are always willing to stay late to help a struggling student, so do not be scared to ask. This is your career — it’s up to you to take charge and ensure that all of your questions are answered. The first day will set the stage so to speak for your progress throughout the rest of school, so it’s important to start off on the right foot.