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One of the most important aspects in the operation of any company or institution is to convey concern for the success and welfare of your customers or students. I think one of the most important foundations of our success has been not only teaching the personal and technical skills required to drive a truck, but also offering encouragement and support for students in their future. I have noticed on many of our student evaluations, they reflect not only on the skills acquired, but also on the impact our instructors and office staff have made on their lives.

Many students entering truck driving school in Fort Worth today come in nervous and even unsure of themselves. One of our main goals is to assure them that it is one of the most promising and opportunistic fields in the nation today. Every week, I speak with a new class of students and assure them that they will be the best entry-level truck driving students in the country when they graduate, and that I will do everything in my power to see that they are successful. We will supply the skill and knowledge, but they will have to supply the rest. If they will dedicate themselves to the industry and strive to be the best, then they will succeed. How do I know? Because it worked for me, and I believe personal testimony is one of the best methods of promotion and encouragement.

In the ten and a half years of our school’s existence, we have had many friends and family members who were referred to our school because of our outstanding and caring instructors and staff members. This is very encouraging to me and my staff and just verifies the philosophy which has been very instrumental in the success of our school. As I mention quite often, upon graduation I give each student my personal business card and encourage them to call with any questions or problems they may have after leaving school. Many have called throughout the years, and I take it very seriously because we all need someone to call when we have questions, doubts, fears, and apprehensions. Many times, it makes a big difference and they’re thankful they took the time to call.

One of the biggest misconceptions that the general public believe is that a truck driving school graduate with a class A CDL is a professional truck driver. A truck driving school only teaches the skills and basic knowledge for obtaining a commercial driver’s license. It will require years of driving experience and personal dedication to become a professional truck driver. Our team here at C1 Truck Driver Training in Fort Worth has the years of experience and the skills to get our students on the right track toward becoming true professionals.

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