“A New Chapter in Life” – C1 Trucking School Review


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Title: A New Chapter in Life
Graduation date: 11/16/12

In July of 2012, I became unemployed and was not eligible for unemployment benefits. I searched for a job but was having no luck at finding one without having CDLs. In September, I started the process with C1 trucking school and in October I began my training. It was an amazing experience and the instructors were very thorough and made sure that all the students received the proper amount of training. On October 31, I got my CDL and am now employed driving a tanker truck.

- Jeremy

After 11+ years in our school, I never grow tired of listening to and hearing stories from our students that graduate and go into successful careers. It is also very rewarding for myself and my instructors to hear statements such as Jeremy’s concerning the professionalism and personal care and attention he received during his training at C1 Truck Driver Training in Ft. Worth.

Our instructors and staff take great pride in their job and it is a bonus to them when they see and hear that their efforts and concern made a difference in someone’s life.

Thanks, Jeremy, for your great vote of confidence. We will all work very hard to always earn yours and everyone else’s trust and confidence. Thanks again, and may God bless you in your journey.

Norman Sheffield
School Director
C1 Truck Driver Training, Ft. Worth