How old do you have to be to attend CDL Training?


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What is the minimum age for attending CDL training? I know Missouri state law says that you can be 18 with a restricted license, meaning you cannot go out of state and can only drive single combinations.

- Maxwell Gamache

Great question, Max! Let me break this down for you.

The minimum age you need to be in order to attend C1 Truck Driver Training is 18. As you correctly stated, that is the minimum age to obtain a Class A CDL  in Missouri.

With a CDL, you can drive a combination vehicle at age 18, but your license will have a “K” restriction. This means that you’re not allowed to drive a commercial vehicle outside the state of Missouri or in interstate commerce. Once you turn 21, the “K” restriction will be removed from your CDL.

I hope this is the information that you’re looking for, and don’t hesitate to give us a call to answer any other questions that you may have. Good luck!

Rich Campbell
Springfield School Director
C1 Truck Driver Training

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