Pre-Trip Inspection: An Important Part of Truck Driver Training


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Truck driver conducting a pre-trip inspectionThe trucking industry is constantly evolving to adjust to an ever-changing world. With over three million drivers nationwide, it is even more important to keep all of our big rigs safe and in optimal working condition. Safety has always been at the forefront of the trucking industry, but it has taken on a new meaning with the Compliance, Safety, and Accountability (CSA) program that is in operation now. There is, and always should be an extra effort exerted by the professional truck driver to always make sure that their truck and trailer are both in safe, operational condition. This can only be accomplished by performing daily pre-trip inspections and periodic check-ups during a trip. Drivers should always inspect new trailers that they pick up along their journey. Every time you leave your truck and return, you must visually inspect it for damage, leaks, or missing lights. I’ve experienced many of my clearance lights getting stolen at truck stops and rest areas. If you don’t walk around and inspect your truck, see the missing light, and replace it, the DPS officer will. And not for free.

At C1 Truck Driver Training, we have stepped up our pre-trip inspection program to make our new drivers aware of their responsibility for the safety of their vehicle. One of the best ways I have found to instill the importance of a pre-trip inspection is for students to visualize their family members sharing the road with big trucks. This usually makes students hope that all truckers realize the “life and death” importance of safe trucks and drivers.

The pre-trip inspection is probably the most important “non-driving” part of truck driver training. If you are not safety-conscious, you will not succeed, regardless of your driving skills. Don’t be shy if you need help grasping the pre-trip inspection! We have online assistance and the classroom instructors will help you study. They are there for a reason! We have never lost a student because he or she could not pass the pre-trip inspection test.

During my journey through truck driver training, many instructors and staff members helped me, too, so I know from experience that the system works. There are so many opportunities in the trucking industry today. Don’t allow anything to stop you or get in your way of fulfilling your goal of becoming a truck driver.

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