8 Q & A’s with Indianapolis CDL Training School Instructor of the Month – Tim Hatfield


Triplett attended C1 as a student in 2001 before working his way to the top to become Director. Read more from

C1 Instructor of the MonthMr. Tim Hatfield was recently named our C1 Indianapolis Instructor of the Month for July.  Let’s find out what makes him a student favorite…

Q: How did you get started in the trucking industry?
A: I was a student at C1 back in 2008.  Actually, Craig (former instructor of the month) was one of my instructors.  I was always asking what I needed to do to become an instructor at C1, even while I was in CDL training school.  I made it through CDL training and in just 11 days I went to work with PAM Transport as an OTR driver.  After spending some time out on the road, I was hired with C1 Truck Driver Training in July of 2011.

Q: What did you enjoy about your time as an OTR truck driver?
A: The freedom.  For me, there’s a lot to be said about getting paid for freedom while working a truck driving job.  You pick up and deliver on time – the rest is up to you.  You set the rest of your schedule.

Q: How do you think your story helps you with training students?
A: I’ve been in their shoes.  I can really relate to what it’s like to be a student.  It’s just been a few years ago for me that I was in their same position.  I can explain and understand what they are going through.  I know the feelings they’re feeling – from just getting started to graduating and getting a CDL license.

Q: What’s your teaching style?
A: I have a very direct approach when it comes to truck driver training.  I’m not here to sugar coat things.  Each student I work with knows what it takes to get a CDL license and I help them get there.

Q: What’s the most rewarding part about what you do?
A: I like knowing that I’ve helped people.  Many students come to us that are down and out.  I’m able to help them learn the skills to start a new career.  I keep a good outlook on life and each day I’m here is a bonus because I get to help other people.  I keep in touch with many graduates and like to hear from them while they’re out on the road – that’s very rewarding for me as well.

Q: Ok, let’s put you on the spot – why do you think you were the Instructor of the Month for August?
A: I think the students here at CDL training school appreciate that I’m not here to play games.  I am here to help them get a CDL license and start a truck driving career.  Not only do I explain what they need to do, but I help my students understand why it needs to be done.  I think they [the students] appreciate not just being told what to do, but understanding the reasons behind it.  It helps things make more sense.

Q: What are your tips for new CDL training school students?

  1. Don’t be intimidated & relax.
  2. Stay next to your instructor – in his/her pocket so to speak – you’ll learn a lot more that way.
  3. Listen to what’s being said – remember there’s a reason for everything we teach during training and listening at all times goes a long way.

Q: What does the future hold for Tim?
A: I enjoy being here and love what I do.  If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be making the drive I make each morning and getting here at 6 AM to get the day started.  I’m here to do whatever I need to do to help our students get a CDL and graduate.  I’m going to stay here at C1 as long as I can.

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