My Experience As A C1 Truck Driver Training Director


Triplett attended C1 as a student in 2001 before working his way to the top to become Director. Read more from

Becoming a C1 Truck Driver Training Director

Prior to working with C1 Truck Driver Training, I held a position as a trainer in the Navy where I earned the title of Master Training Specialist. Training was (and still is) something that I was always good at, and something that I took a personal satisfaction in doing. As a trainer, you not only affect the individual you are training, but everyone that they interact with in the future from there on out.

Let’s say I train one person and get them a trucking career that pays well. This enables them to support an entire family. Suppose they have two kids, and their kids have two kids, and so on and so forth. Looking over just a few generations, think about the number of people whose lives I have impacted positively during, and after their truck driver training. And if you multiply that by 1,000 students per year, it’s easy to see the gratification one can receive doing this job.

Being the director of C1 Truck Driver Training is a very important and critical position. During my time in the Navy, I learned that a team or a group can only be as good as its leader. I take great pride in the fact that I have moved my way up through the C1 ranks. I have held every position at this school, from C1 student to truck driving school director. I know what everyone in every position from student to instructor is going through at any given time. This gives me firsthand knowledge of most situations, which in turn gives me the ability to assess problems and come up with appropriate solutions to those problems.

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A Rewarding Career

Occasionally, I see students that struggle during the training process. I have personally spent time with them working to improve their skills so they can pass their CDL test. It’s very rewarding when past students return to our school and tell us that they would not ever have made it without our help and encouragement.

On occasion, I have students come into my office ready to quit. At that particular moment, they are completely overwhelmed with some portion of their training. It’s always very rewarding to the whole C1 staff when we’re not only able to get them through the course, but provide them with the confidence they need to graduate.

No matter what the problem is here at C1 Truck Driver Training in Fort Wayne, the first thing I ask every student that starts to question their own ability is, “Why did you come here in the first place?” It’s so important for our truck driver training students to remember why they’re here. I’ll also ask them, “Why do you want to quit and go home?” I usually get answers like, “I just can’t do it,” or, “I am just frustrated.” In these cases, I usually respond by doing and saying the following:

  • I ask them, “You want to be a truck driver, but this one thing is stopping you, so if we can fix this one thing, you’re good right?” and I always, always get the answer “yes.”
  • I personally take the student to the range, the road, or whatever area it is that they are having problems with and I work with them to fix any issues.
  • I take the student by the shoulders, look them in the eye, and give them a little shake. I tell them, “Quit over-thinking things! Remember, I believe in you, now believe in yourself and just drive the truck.” It’s simple, easy, and to the point, but you’d be amazed at how effective it can be for struggling students.

When a student returns from the CDL test site with a smile that simply does not stop, or tears of joy streaming down their face because you took the extra time and effort to help them… That’s a good day. That’s the most rewarding part of my job – it’s why I love what I do so much. There’s no greater reward than affecting someone’s life in such an important way.