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Today, we wanted to share a recent review we received from Fred Schwalenberg.  Fred graduated from truck driving school in Indianapolis on January 25th of 2012 .  It’s always great to hear from past graduates especially after they’ve been out on the road in their new job for awhile.  This is one of the more thorough reviews we’ve seen so we hope you find it helpful.

Title: My Experience at C1 Truck Driving School

Graduation Date: 01/25/2012

C1 Truck Driver Training Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

Message Body:

My class started on Jan 9, 2012.  That morning I walked into the C1 building and could have sworn I was enlisting in the military again. The first process was the physical/drug screening. The blood pressure test scared just about everyone to point of having high blood pressure. Well I made through the guntlett of test.  Next we started feet first learning the details of what we were going to embarking in. Donna was my first instructor, she was very good instructor with lots of patience and her 20+ years of driving experience made her a wealth of information and inside tips which I still use. Her patience came in really handy having to deal with some of the knuckle heads that are a part of every classroom experience. She kept a professional attitude at all times, and always encouraged questions if we were confused on any subject.

She taught Logging, Trip Planning, DOT Regulations just to name a few of all the things necessary to start performing the day to duties of a CMV Driver.

The second week we started on the range learning how to drive in traffic and backing procedures. Our instructor’s name was Tim we liked to call him (Tim Cruz) cause he was fanatic about his hair and wore sunglasses at every opportunity.  He was an awesome instructor. He was all about safety that the first and foremost concern. That was also something that I carry with me everyday on the road. I would have never imagined I would be able parallel park a semi with a 53′ trailer.

I was the third to graduate from my class which was a little below what I was hoping for but I have always put way to much pressure on myself.  To wrap it up the class was well worth the time and effort if you are looking to start a new and exciting truck driving career.

I am currently working for PAM Transport. I spent 4 weeks with a Driver Trainer and was upgraded to a first seat driver on March 27, 2012. I am currently driving solo and that is the way I hope to keep it. Although team driving definatley has it’s advantages you get more miles and the truck never has to stop. The more the wheels turn the more money you make. I just like having my own space.

If you’re a graduate from any C1 trucking school, we’d love for you to share a review just like Fred.  It doesn’t matter if you graduated 1 day ago or 1 year ago, we personally read every review you share.

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