Preparing for Truck Driving School with the CDL Manual


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Q: What can a student do prior to beginning truck driving school to help him or her prepare?

Truck Driving School Driving RangeA: Before a student arrives at truck driving school, they need to understand the requirements that will be expected of them.  I recommend going to the DMV to get a CDL manual for the state in which you are going to truck driving school so you can spend some time reading it.  The requirements for passing that specific state CDL exam are clearly defined in the manual.  You should start preparing as soon as you know that you’ll be going to truck driving school.  Start by reading the CDL manual in order to become familiar with the material that will appear on the CDL exam.

It’s also a good idea to use eGears CDL practice tests as much as you can.  eGears is a company that has helped many of our students through its online CDL training products.  They’ve got CDL permit study guides, pretrip inspection checklists and even some CDL training videos that are extremely helpful.  We’ve seen our students begin school way more prepared since they started using eGears.  One thing is for sure, you will never hear someone say “I came to truck driving school TOO prepared.”

Closing Thoughts
I’ve had students come to truck driving school stating that they had zero knowledge of the material that we were getting in to.  They said that the expectation was that they would get everything they needed during CDL training.  While this is true, I’ve had students take the initiative to go get their CDL permit prior to training.  While this is not required, these folks were typically always more prepared once truck driving school go started.