Rob’s Trucking School Review: “Keeping an Open Mind”


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C1 Springfield grad Robert BrashierTitle: Whoo!
Graduation date: 6/13/13

Well here is my story. I am 23 years old. I’ve been around big trucks for a very long time. I decided that I wanted to get my CDL and hit the road. I found PAM Transport and got set up with Driver Solutions. I spoke with my rep from DS for the first time on a Friday afternoon. The same weekend, I was packing my bags and drove to Missouri for C1 Springfield. I arrived Sunday and began trucking school that Monday.

The first week of class, I can’t lie, was somewhat boring due to having paperwork and a couple tests and what not. I mean who really likes to do paperwork and take tests? Mr. Perry who taught our class inside was an awesome instructor. He helped with whatever we needed promptly. He also told us every story he had about his experience with sleeting while driving. Lol (inside joke).

Once I got on the yard things were different. Each day for the 2nd & 3rd week, half the day was spent on the yard and half was out on the road. I had Mr. Joe Brown for my instructor. Now as I said before, I’ve been around 18-wheelers for the majority of my life. I could basically tell you whatever you want to know about them…… so I thought. Mr. Joe taught me more. I learned more from my instructor than I have over the years of being around big trucks almost daily. So I listened, payed attention and learned even more. I knew I would have issues with my backing maneuvers. And I was yet again wrong. Joe told me exactly what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. And guess what? I nailed every maneuver perfect each time. I got so good at it, that we even had competitions on the yard of who could do the maneuver better. (Yes I did win a few of them, and Rich the director witnessed). When your instructor teaches you how to do something better than them, that should tell you how good of an instructor they are.

Once we got on the road, it was a little different. My instructor knew I had a lot of experience with trucks. So he wanted to see what I could do. And surprisingly again, he taught me more than what I already knew, and showed me how to improve what I did know. These guys don’t just teach you how to drive, and how to back up. They teach you so much more than what they are required. One of the most important things is how to fix your mistakes. Anyone can back up a truck. But the hardest part is knowing how to correct a mistake when you make one. If you can back a truck up and be crooked and jackknifed beyond belief, and you can figure out how to fix it, then hats off to you because you are doing well and will make it farther than you think.

Now, to the rest of the staff. Ms. Diana, and Ms. Cindy in the office. Ms. Diana is amazing. She takes care of your paperwork and whatnot. Makes sure that when you leave there, you are 100% ready to go to your carrier and not have to sit behind a desk again doing more paperwork. She fixes everything. Not sure how she does it, but do not underestimate her lol. Ms. Cindy, oh dear lord. This lady, I PROMISE, can put a smile on your face every time she comes in the room. Very outgoing, fun filled, smiley, loveable, funny character. She is a trip. And she brings Popsicles and ice cream out on the yard on those hot sunny days. Major plus.

And finally the director of the school, Rich. Very awesome guy to meet. He is very straight forward. He and his instructors will do what it takes to make sure you leave there with a CDL. The school is run perfectly. Very efficient and a great environment to be in. It is not by any means a boring school. Rich is very blessed to have the crew of instructors and office staff that he has. I would like to thank you, Mr. Rich and your entire staff for everything. Thanks to you guys and gals, I’m now a first seat driver for PAM Transport. I will continue to recommend this school to everyone I come in contact with. You guys are amazing and should definitely be rewarded for it. Thank you again. And I will be stopping by soon!

Hey Rob –

Great to hear from you, and very glad it’s going well out there!  I appreciate you taking time to talk about your experience here as it is crucial for people to hear it straight from the students, instead of from us.  You did know a lot about trucks when you got here, but I’m glad that you kept an open mind while you were here.  That’s a huge key to success here in school;  keep an open mind to what your instructor is teaching you.  When we have experience with something, we have an overwhelming urge to just go with what we know.  We need to keep that open mind, no matter what we think we know, and absorb all available information out there.  You were able to do that very well, and it paid off greatly for you.  Thanks so much for all your kind words, but never forget that it was YOUR hard work that made this happen!

Take care of yourself Rob, and drop in on us every chance that you get!

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