A Real Life Example of Why Truck Driver Safety is Important


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Truck driver safety

Image credit: Carbon Arc, Flickr

Our very own Rich Campbell was featured in a recent local news story about a tragic semi truck accident in Republic, Missouri that resulted in a double fatality.

The Accident

The accident occurred when a semi truck traveling 19 miles over the speed limit crashed into the back of a car stopped at an intersection. Two cars were stopped behind a second semi. When the speeding truck crashed into the passenger vehicles, both cars were crushed between the two trucks. Police at the scene said the truck driver was over his HOS limit.

Truck Driver Safety

It’s unfortunate that it took a tragic accident like this to bring attention to truck driver safety. Here at C1, safety is the basis of our instruction. Being a responsible, professional truck driver is all about being safe out on the road — it’s what separates the true truck drivers from the steering wheel holders. Perhaps if the driver responsible for the catastrophe had been practicing a safe following distance, this accident could have been prevented.

You must keep an accurate log book as a professional truck driver. The driver responsible for the accident was over his Hours of Service. This just goes to show that violating these rules can have devastating consequences.