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Title: C1 Rocks!
Graduation Date:

What a great place to start a new career! You took a 48yr old female, coming from a corporate world.  Never backed a trailer, not even my car.  Within 4 weeks, C1 Truck Driver Training taught me to maneuver and drive a 48′ long truck.  They taught me how to drive, helped me obtain my CDL and at the same time helped me locate a wonderful job driving cross country.  Anyone, young, old, male or female – you will not be disappointed with the skills and training and the customer service you will receive at C1 should you make the choice to become a professional truck driver.

Thanks guys,


Hey Abi -

Thanks for the kind words, and taking time to share your story.  Yours is very important as it inspires others who may be thinking that they can’t achieve something like this.  From the day you came into school, you had a positive “can-do” attitude, and that’s a HUGE first step in making this program work for you.  You will continue to excel if you keep applying that same approach.  Stay safe out there, and keep us posted on how the next phase of your training progresses.

Take Care!

Rich Campbell
Springfield School Director
C1 Truck Driver Training

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