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Title: Fourth Generation
Graduation Date:
3/30/2012C1 Springfield grad

I was working for a cleaning company going nowhere. I have wanted to truck for years since I was a kid. I come from a long line of truckers and it’s in my blood. I started C1 Truck Driver Training on March 12, 2012 and graduated on March 30 2012. It was the best time of my life! I have never had so much fun at school. I put my blood and sweat into this and even though I didn’t do very well many times, Dan and Joe constantly kept me in good spirits and helped me understand where I messed up and how to fix it. The famous 2 questions that were drilled in my head were “What are you looking at” and “Where does your trailer need to go”? They would let me work the maneuvers out on my own until I got stuck and didn’t know what to do next. Then they would help me fix my mess up. I truly learned many things mainly from these two instructors and it made a world of difference as I now have my class A CDL and am getting ready to go to USA Truck to begin my lifelong career as a Professional Truck Driver. It would never of been possible with out their help. Thank you guys so much for not giving up on me. It means the world to me and I consider ya’ll my friends.

Anthony Owens

Hey Anthony -

We really appreciate the feedback on how your time went here during truck driving school.  Dan and Joe are certainly honored of the appreciation that you have shown, but never sell yourself short.  You worked very hard from the day you got here, and that is the real key to success in our program.  You bring up a great point in talking about the instructors asking you questions during training.  It’s very important to develop a process of asking what it is you’re trying to accomplish, and then asking how you will get that done.  You’ve chosen a great path and will continue to do well with the “can do” attitude that you displayed while here in Springfield.  Keep it up Anthony, and always stay safe out there!

Rich Campbell
Springfield School Director
C1 Truck Driver Training

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