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Title: C1 Is Awesome
Graduation Date:

I graduated from C1 on April 27th, 2012. I really enjoyed going through the program. When I was a little kid, I could always remember going with my dad on the truck every summer up until he passed in 2006 after twenty-some odd years of driving. I always told myself after he passed, if I ever get the opportunity, I’m going to go into trucking and follow in my father’s footsteps and follow my dream of becoming a truck driver. Thanks to C1 for helping me follow my dreams. The instructors at C1 in Strafford, Missouri are great. They’re very dedicated to teaching you what they’ve learned themselves from truck driving. They’ll help you succeed into a professional career. Thanks C-1 for everything!!!!

Jacob Leverett

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Hey Jacob –

Thanks for the kind words, and for sharing your story with us.  My story actually isn’t so different from yours.  I also grew up the son of a truck driver, and my very earliest childhood memories are of being in awe of the trucks, and what my dad was able to accomplish behind the wheel.  I always felt then, and still do, that he was the best truck driver I have ever seen. He started in 1960 and is still driving today.   Not only is he a master behind the wheel, but he is a true professional in all aspects of being a truck driver.  He’s very safety-conscious, and always ensures his interactions with shippers, receivers, dispatchers, etc are handled in a very respectful fashion.  Those things are key in ensuring your success when you get out there and get to work.

All of the instructors here at C1 Springfield have a ton of experience, and a wealth of knowledge as applied to being an over the road driver.  As you know, our focus is to make sure you learn everything you need in order to pass that Missouri CDL test, but we also take pride in going above that, by having you prepared for what lays ahead out on the road.  The combined over the road experience that we have here is astounding and there are few mishaps, if any, that we collectively  haven’t seen.  As a wise man once told me, “I always want to learn from someone else’s mistakes.”

Be safe out there Jacob, and please keep us updated on how things are going!!

Take Care!!

Rich Campbell
Springfield School Director
C1 Truck Driver Training

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