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Title: Success
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My family and I just moved from Alaska in February. I was just about to start hitting the streets looking for jobs. My wife pointed me towards a post on Monster from USA truck for a sponsored job for getting my CDL. I was very thankful for finding the post. I went down to Springfield for C1 Truck Driver Training school. Thanks to Paul, Joe and Dan I was able to learn my mistakes I was making. They were all great instructors. Joe picked me up as his permanent student on my third week. Joe worked with me and got me understanding even more what I needed to do. Everytime I would get stuck during a maneuver I would be repeating the questions I always heard them saying, and these questions are also what got me through my state testing. “What are you looking at?” and “What does your trailer need to do?” thanks to their hard work, they helped me to understand. Now I will be starting a great job as a professional truck driver with USA Truck. Thank you C1 and all the instructors for helping me to be successful and the ability to be able to provide for my family.

Michael Starke

Hey Michael -

Thanks for touching base and sharing your story!  Joe, Dan and Paul are very appreciative of your kind words and take a great deal of pride in knowing they could help in reaching your goals.  Always remember how Joe kept asking you those questions, and continue to apply that approach.  Asking yourself questions before you take action can often times keep us out of unnecessary problems.  Be safe out there, and keep in touch!

Rich Campbell
Springfield School Director
C1 Truck Driver Training

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