Teamwork Creates Success in Truck Driving Jobs


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Teamwork in truck driving jobsAs you’re contemplating making that jump into truck driver training and start asking all those good questions, you’re probably going to hear a lot about being out there alone on the road.   People are gonna talk about the isolation, and the freedom to “be your own boss.”  While statements such as these certainly bear some truth, you will never do this job fully on your own.  It takes a team of highly trained professionals to accomplish the job, and that starts in school.

Buddy Up at School

As school starts, you’ll be in a classroom environment studying to go take your permit test.  In order to ensure your success while in school, “buddy up” as soon as possible!  There are all sorts of people from all over the country that come to school, and one person’s weakness can be another person’s strength when it comes to studying for the test.  When you work together as a group, you definitely start stacking all odds of success in your favor as you prepare for that written test.

Practice with a Partner

Next step will be studying for the pre-trip inspection.  There are well over 100 items on the tractor-trailer that you will have to identify during the pre-trip inspection portion of your CDL test.  We have prepared a pre-trip study guide and check list that, when followed, will guide you through this portion of your test.  It’s crucial that you team up with someone in class to accomplish this step.

While you will have instructor guidance, this portion of your training relies VERY heavily on self-study.  You will have checklists and study guides that you and your teammate can use to study. When executed properly, this virtually guarantees success.  As you progress into the range backing skills and road driving portion of your training, this philosophy doesn’t change.  All of us here at C1 are part of a team, and we will succeed or fail as a team.  For the team to succeed, we all have to do our part.  If any one of us fails to do our singular duty, the entire program can falter as a result.
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Teamwork On The Road

You will find this to be true after you complete school as well.  While a majority of your time will be spent alone on the road, you will NEVER pick up and deliver a load without any assistance.  There is an entire support team at your home terminal working hard behind the scenes to make sure your truck keeps moving.  There are load planners, permit personnel, safety folks, a road service department, and your fleet manager.  This is not an exclusive list by any means.  All of you work together as a team to ensure each and every load is picked up and delivered as promised.


Now, when running team it goes without saying.  You have to work together and respect each other to ensure your success.  All good team operators have one trait in common; a constant willingness to work together.  While you’re driving, your teammate will be sleeping.  There will be many decisions that you’ll need to make during this window.  Use forethought to anticipate what’s coming up.  That happens through proper trip planning, together.

I could go on and on with many more examples of how team work is the key to your success in truck driving jobs, but the bottom line is never think for a second that your accomplishments are all yours.   I have never accomplished anything in my life worthwhile by myself, but I have accomplished many great things throughout my life as part of a team.

 ”Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” - Henry Ford