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Title: Sweat and Tears
Graduation Date:

I have always known that at some point in my life, I would at least try to become a professional driver. I grew up around it for the majority of my life and the road was in my blood, so the shift from passenger to that of a driver wasn’t that big of a surprise to any of my friends or family.

I arrived at the hotel in Springfield on May 8, 2011. I was the only woman out of a class of 10. We were the last class for Mrs. Ruby. I believe she teamed with her husband for 20 plus years, so she had plenty of knowledge and experience to pass on to the next generation of drivers.

The first week was a challenge due in part of nerves and getting the permit. The physical and paperwork was a much needed breather. By the end of the week, getting in the trucks to do straight lining was a relief to some. By then, one has met almost all of the staff, which helps calm the nerves a lot. I had Paul for the straight line and off sets, and I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor. I have a very analytical way of thinking and he tried to break the steps down to where I wasn’t over thinking them. That was what I heard the most, “Quit over-thinking it and just do it!”

All the instructors were very helpful but at the same time knew when to firmly give you a push to get over a hurdle. Oh boy, you have never seen a bunch of scaredy cats ’til we started on the road training. The road instructors must have nerves of steel. I had some setbacks when taking the CDL test and I heard from all the staff and plus fellow students, “Never quit, never give in.” I am not a quitter in most regards, but at the time,  I had come to the end of my rope.

That afternoon, I had a long talk with Rich (C1 Springfield School Director) and by the grace of the Higher Powers, I was able to have another chance at passing the CDL test. I worked my tail off and the ever patient staff of C1 supported me. Then on June 7, I passed!  Due to the efforts of almost every instructor drilling the blind-side parallel maneuver in my head to where I was dreaming of it, I was able to finally get over this hurdle.

Oh goodness, that feeling of passing was a combination of relief, joy, and an “omg” moment. It was so worth the sweat and tears that was put into it. And it could not have happened without the huge support and motivation of the C1 staff.

Randi Bennett

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Hey Randi -

Thanks for sharing your story with us! I am always glad to hear from our grads after they get to work, and become retrospective on their time spent at school. Your story is important because it lets everyone know that although this can be very tough and some days it may seem that you’re not going to make it, you CAN and you WILL. I am so appreciative of the kind words you have to say about school and the great instructors we have here. What I don’t want you to ever overlook is the fact that it was YOUR drive, determination, and hard work that made this happen.

All of us have gotten up against tough things in life that have made us want to throw in the towel, but that just makes things worse. The most worthwhile things in my life are those that were difficult to accomplish. It was at those times that I learned the most. I not only learned how to complete the specific task that I was setting out to accomplish, but I also learned about me. I learned that I can accomplish anything that I set out to do. There were times that I felt overwhelmed and wondered if I could make it, but I didn’t quit. I now look back on those times with fondness and pride. Pride of what I accomplished, and a fondness for those that helped me achieve my goal.

Thanks again, Randi. Be safe and stop in when you can!

Rich Campbell
Springfield School Director
C1 Truck Driver Training