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Becoming A Trucking School Director – Rich’s Truck Driving Story

As someone that’s relatively new to C1 Truck Driver Training, I look back on my time here and think about how I arrived.  I grew up as the only son of a truck driver (with 4 sisters) and was in, on, around, and under trucks my entire life.  I had a deep interest and fascination [...]

A New Way to Practice Backing During CDL Training?

One of our recent CDL training students at C1 Indianapolis created this mockup of the campus driving range and I wanted to share it with you all. Don built this model completely to scale to help him practice backing. He drew lines onto his model with a highlighter and used chess pieces as cones. Don [...]

CDL Training During the Holidays – Why It’s a Good Idea

There are many things to consider as you ponder some tough decisions with respect to making big changes in your life. With the holiday season approaching, it makes it a little tougher to figure out the right way forward. Why would someone want to attend CDL training with the holiday season coming up? Sometimes you [...]