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FAQ: Does CDL Training Require Experience Driving a Stick Shift?

I don’t have any experience in driving a stick shift vehicle or driving with a trailer. Will this be a problem during CDL training? – Joe L. Joe – In today’s world, there are many people who have never driven a motor vehicle that did not have an automatic transmission. But in almost 11 years, [...]

Getting to Know the Instructors at Truck Driving School

During your time at truck driving school, it’s important to realize the impact that the instructors will have on your time at school as well as on the rest of your career. Your CDL training instructors will set the foundation for your success and teach you the basics of the industry. Our team of C1 [...]

Video: What If I Fail CDL training?

Upon arriving at truck driving school, many students worry about the possibility of failing CDL training. This is a common concern and the instructors at C1 know exactly what you’re going through.  In fact, many have been in your same position as a student and some even attended C1 prior to joining the staff as [...]

How old do you have to be to attend CDL Training?

What is the minimum age for attending CDL training? I know Missouri state law says that you can be 18 with a restricted license, meaning you cannot go out of state and can only drive single combinations. – Maxwell Gamache Great question, Max! Let me break this down for you. The minimum age you need [...]

Behind the Scenes at CDL Training in Springfield, MO

Whether you’re contemplating getting into school to obtain your CDL or you’re already a student, you’re probably obsessing over everything that you need to accomplish in order to prepare for the state CDL exam. While that’s extremely important, I want to take a moment to talk about one aspect of your experience here at truck [...]

Little Rock Truck Driving School Graduate Story – David Grissom (Mississippi)

Title: My CDL Story Graduation Date: 5/3/2012 Well, I had the best instructors that really helped me get what I needed. I’m telling you, getting my CDL was a big step in my career. Thank you, C1! David Grissom (Mississippi) David – It’s great to hear from you!! It’s always nice to hear from students [...]

Video: 6 Reasons to Start a Truck Driving Job

Many people enter the trucking industry for similar reasons. Maybe they grew up around trucks. Or maybe the bad economy is hitting them hard and they need a source of income ASAP. We asked C1 training instructors to share some of the popular reasons why people choose to begin a truck driving job. Watch the [...]