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FAQ: Does CDL Training Require Experience Driving a Stick Shift?

I don’t have any experience in driving a stick shift vehicle or driving with a trailer. Will this be a problem during CDL training? – Joe L. Joe – In today’s world, there are many people who have never driven a motor vehicle that did not have an automatic transmission. But in almost 11 years, [...]

FAQ: What forms of identification will truck driver training accept?

I can’t seem to find my social security card. I am supposed to start school at C1 next Monday. I was wondering if I could use my birth certificate or some other form of ID. I can put in for a new social security card, but it wouldn’t be here in time. Thanks. -Nathan Hi [...]

How old do you have to be to attend CDL Training?

What is the minimum age for attending CDL training? I know Missouri state law says that you can be 18 with a restricted license, meaning you cannot go out of state and can only drive single combinations. – Maxwell Gamache Great question, Max! Let me break this down for you. The minimum age you need [...]