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3 Truck Driver Goals To Ensure Success During Your First Year

Starting a new career as a truck driver can be intimidating for recent CDL training grads, but if you set these three goals, your first year as a professional driver can be both successful AND rewarding. 3 Goals To Ensure Success as a Truck Driver Safety The first, and most important goal you should set [...]

Truck Drivers’ Public Image: Avoiding Industry Stereotypes

The stereotypical truck driver doesn’t exactly have the best image. When most people think about a truck driver, they think of an overweight, scruffy looking male. While some truck drivers may still fit this image, it’s a misrepresentation of the trucking industry as a whole. So how can you, as truck drivers, make sure you [...]

Truck Driving Jobs – Team or Solo?

If you’re looking for truck driving jobs, you may be wondering which would be a better fit — team driving or solo driving. When making decisions about whether to drive solo or as a team, truck drivers should take into account the pros and cons of each driving situation prior to deciding. I’ve laid out [...]

Is Truck Driving In Your Blood?

If you ask truck drivers why they decided on a career in truck driving, some will tell you, “because it’s in my blood.” But what exactly does that mean? Well, it depends on who you’re talking to. “Truck driving is in my blood.” I have heard this phrase numerous times over the course of my [...]

Starting A Trucking Career – Advice on Making a Lifestyle Change

Understand That a Trucking Career Means Making a Lifestyle Change It’s important to recognize that becoming a truck driver usually means a big change in lifestyle.  To a certain extent, you’ll be trading every night at home for the freedom that comes with getting paid to travel the country without a boss standing over your [...]

4 Things to Do Prior to CDL Training

Question: What can a CDL training student do prior to starting trucking school to that will help him/her better prepare? Answer: 1. I recommend that all CDL training students sign up for eGears online CDL training and utilize the resources provided to prepare for the CDL tests.  eGears has a Class A CDL Permit Practice [...]