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Get Out And Look — Scenarios Where GOAL Benefits Truckers

Get Out And Look, or GOAL, is a phrase in the trucking industry that is used in speech and theory often, but not enough in actuality. Let’s look at some of the times where getting out and looking would benefit you: When backing into a blind side situation in an area where you cannot see [...]

Alleviating Safety Hazards by Conducting a Proper Pre-Trip Inspection

One thing you’ll hear repeatedly while you’re in CDL training is this:  “Know your pre-trip.” Let’s take a few moments to understand what that really means. In order to get your CDL in Missouri, you must pass three practical exams:  your pre-trip inspection, your backing skills test, and your road driving test. All three hold [...]

A Real Life Example of Why Truck Driver Safety is Important

Our very own Rich Campbell was featured in a recent local news story about a tragic semi truck accident in Republic, Missouri that resulted in a double fatality. The Accident The accident occurred when a semi truck traveling 19 miles over the speed limit crashed into the back of a car stopped at an intersection. [...]

“Get Out And Look” – The Importance of Backing a Semi Safely

G.O.A.L., or Get Out And Look, is an acronym that is taught during CDL training to emphasize the importance of safety and proper backing procedure. GOAL can help prevent backing accidents and will come in handy in myriad situations you’ll face during your trucking career. When Should I Get Out And Look? Some instances where [...]

Becoming a Professional Truck Driver – Upholding a Positive Image

What does a “professional truck driver” entail? This is a question we see frequently. In my opinion, a “professional” truck driver is someone who is respectful, not only at the shipper, but to his company and on the road. He is someone that always makes his deliveries on time and can be counted on to [...]