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Calming Nerves at Trucking School — Tips for Week 2

So you’ve passed the CDL permit test and the first week of CDL training. Now comes the stressful part — getting in a semi truck for the very first time. Understandably, this can be a very nerve-wracking experience. After all, you’re responsible for controlling 53′ and up to 80,000 pounds of machine. We asked past [...]

4 Survival Tips for the First Week of Trucking School

We’ve heard from C1 Directors about what the first week of class is like, but what about the experience from students’ perspective? The first week of class is crucial to eventually getting a Class A CDL, so it’s important to really utilize the time spent with the classroom instructor and your peers. Here are 4 [...]

Blind Spots on a Truck and 3 Dangers They Present [Infographic]

One of the very first things you learn during CDL training is where your blind spots are located. While all vehicles have blind spots, the ones on a semi truck are much larger than those on your typical 4-wheel passenger vehicle. Unfortunately, many motorists are unaware of where these spots on semis are located and [...]

3 Tips for Saving Money on the Road as a Truck Driver

Author Bio: Mark Kinsel is the big cheese over at Driver Solutions and a 19-year-veteran of the trucking industry. He’s been trying his hand at writing a lot lately, and has penned quite a bit of work for Great CDL.   For truckers everywhere, saving money on the road is important. Anyone with proper truck driver [...]

3 Goals to Set for Success as an Entry Level Truck Driver

Goal 1. To be a safe driver. By my actions, I will show that I respect my job and that I am proud to be a truck driver. Goal 2. To be a leader in the trucking industry by following my company policies, being on time for my loads, and being a good representative for [...]

Teamwork Creates Success in Truck Driving Jobs

As you’re contemplating making that jump into truck driver training and start asking all those good questions, you’re probably going to hear a lot about being out there alone on the road.   People are gonna talk about the isolation, and the freedom to “be your own boss.”  While statements such as these certainly bear some [...]

Learning the Pre-Trip Inspection at Truck Driver Training

The very first part of the Arkansas State Test that you must pass in order to even be eligible to take your skills and road test is the 108-point pre-trip inspection. This may seem overwhelming at first, but you will learn. First you will write it out completely word-for-word, then watch the video we have prepared for you. You’ll [...]

Truck Driving Lifestyle: A New Driver’s Guide to Adjusting to OTR Life

Aspiring truck drivers often have many questions about what they’re getting themselves into, and understandably so. This is a big change to make, and it comes with lots of lifestyle adjustments. Today, I’m going to discuss many of those truck driving lifestyle adjustments and how you can make them a bit easier on both you [...]

Video: 12 Truck Driving School Tips Straight From C1 Students

Beginning truck driving school can be an overwhelming experience for some students at first.  After all, operating an 18-wheeler with a big diesel engine isn’t exactly easy.  To help you prepare, we talked with some students and asked them to share their top tips for making the  most of your time at truck driving school. [...]

3 Truck Driver Tips for Adjusting to Life on the Road

For a recently graduated truck driver, adjusting to a new life on the road can often be a difficult and stressful experience. But with these tips, hopefully your transition becomes a little bit easier. Just remember that in time, you will get used to your new lifestyle. Coping with time away from home The number [...]