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Blind Spots on a Truck and 3 Dangers They Present [Infographic]

One of the very first things you learn during CDL training is where your blind spots are located. While all vehicles have blind spots, the ones on a semi truck are much larger than those on your typical 4-wheel passenger vehicle. Unfortunately, many motorists are unaware of where these spots on semis are located and [...]

Alleviating Safety Hazards by Conducting a Proper Pre-Trip Inspection

One thing you’ll hear repeatedly while you’re in CDL training is this:  “Know your pre-trip.” Let’s take a few moments to understand what that really means. In order to get your CDL in Missouri, you must pass three practical exams:  your pre-trip inspection, your backing skills test, and your road driving test. All three hold [...]

Making a Truck Driving Career Change Later in Life

Many students come to CDL training to learn the skills needed to start a 2nd or even a 3rd career at a later stage in life.  You can make a truck driving career change well into your adult life and there are still plenty of opportunities available. We see folks from all walks of life [...]