Team Truck Driving Jobs – Advantages and Disadvantages


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After you complete CDL training and finish riding with your trainer, you will officially begin either a solo or team truck driving job. There are advantages and disadvantages to both, so make sure you take a moment to review the type of job you’d like to pursue. Today, I’m going to talk about some of the pros and cons of working as a team driver to help you with your decision.

Advantages of Team Truck Driving Jobs

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An advantage of driving a team truck driver job as opposed to solo is the additional miles you’ll be able to log. With two truck drivers, you’re able to spend more time on the road, and more miles equals more money!

If you decide on team driving, you and your partner will be assigned to the longer coast-to-coast loads. With two truck drivers, you don’t have to stop the truck to rest nearly as often as you would as a solo driver. You can keep truckin’ on and as a result, you can deliver loads to their destinations quicker.

After you upgrade from your driving with your trainer, there is still so much for you to learn. But when you’re part of a team, you will have double the knowledge, and two brains are better than one. There is a lot of valuable information that you will be able to teach each other along the way. Each of you will retain different things from truck driving school. You will each possess different strengths that will help you during deliveries. That will be a great advantage to you both.

Disadvantages of Team Truck Driving Jobs

Although there are a lot of good things about team driving jobs, there can be some disadvantages, too. It can be a big disadvantage if your partner prefers to hang out at truck stops rather than drive – your paycheck will take a significant hit from that. If you and your co-driver aren’t compatible for extended periods of time, team driving can get pretty difficult. If you have a messy co-driver, you could face difficulties getting along. Luckily, all of these things can be worked out if you make the effort and come to a common understanding with your teammate.

As far as safety goes, if team drivers don’t strap their bunks down, there could be accidents. If one driver is trying to move around while the other has control of the wheel, it is possible to fall and hit the gear shift, causing injuries. Be that as it may, I think you would be safer knowing that if you are too tired to drive, your partner could take over for you.

Sharing such a small, confined space can be very difficult for some people. You must set boundaries early on by assigning certain areas for each of you. Both of you must then respect those boundaries. If an issue arises, make sure to deal with it immediately or there will surely be unresolved tension in the truck. Learn your partner’s likes and dislikes, just like you would in a marriage. In fact, think of it like you’re married to your co-driver for the duration of your trip. You’ve made a commitment to drive together, so you must do whatever it takes to get along. Don’t try to push each other’s buttons, and you will manage just fine.

Final Thoughts:

There are pros and cons to both solo driving and team driving, but it all comes down to how you think you’ll work best in a truck driving job. If you are becoming a driver because you want a job where you can be on your own every day, a team driving position probably wouldn’t be the best fit for you. Think carefully about your decision. Decide what’s important to you in a job, and you’ll make the right choice.

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