Truck Driver Appreciation Week GPS Giveaway at C1 Campuses


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Truck Driver Appreciation week is fast approaching! Every year during Truck Driver Appreciation Week, we celebrate truck drivers for all the hard work they put into the jobs we as Americans tend to take for granted. Think about it — what would happen if there were no trucks? There would be no food on our shelves, gas in our cars, or products in our stores.

During the week of September 16-21, all five of our C1 training campuses will be hosting a free lunch cookout to honor our truck drivers and celebrate Truck Driver Appreciation and Wellness week.

But this cookout will be a special one, because we’ll also be doing a giveaway for all of our C1 students!

The Giveaway

truck specific gpsMany people pursue truck driving jobs because they want to travel and see the country. For this giveaway, current students will put a sticker on a U.S. map in the place they’re most looking forward to seeing during their trucking career. Every student who does so will be entered in the giveaway. The winner will be selected randomly, and all C1 campuses will be competing against each other in this drawing.

I know you’re wondering what the winner will receive in this little giveaway…

We’ll be giving away something that benefits every truck driver — a Garmin dezl truck GPS!

Truck specific GPS devices make getting to your destinations much simpler. When deciding on a GPS, it’s crucial that you get one that is truck specific. Otherwise, it could potentially route you on roads that your truck either cannot fit on or is not legally allowed to travel on. This Garmin dezl is a high-quality GPS with many positive reviews on Amazon.

Thank you to all our truck drivers, and we look forward to seeing our C1 students for the free cookout!