C1 Truck Driver Training Experience – What CDL Training is Like


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We get a lot of questions on what our truck driver training program is like, so today I decided to sit down and discuss our staff and teaching methods with you all.

C1 Staff Experience

At C1 Truck Driver Training in Fort Wayne, Indiana, the instructors have an accumulated total of over 200 years of experience in the trucking industry. In addition to many years of experience, we have access to knowledge and information from four additional trucking school campuses. What this means to you as a student is that we can handle any question you may have, and resolve most any training issue that may arise.

C1 Teaching Methods

First of all, we give complete, step-by-step demonstrations of all maneuvers that you will be required to perform during your time at CDL training.

On your first day in the truck, the instructor will be walking right beside the truck with you while you do the maneuver the first time giving you verbal assistance as needed and stopping you on occasion to ensure that you understand each and every turn of the wheel.

The road instructors will take you on a demo drive and explain to you the basics of shifting up and down. You will also take turns to include off tracking and reiterate your classroom training on safety.

The first time in your truck, the instructor will take you on a driving route that will consist of low traffic areas and some basic interstate driving — “ride and guide,” so to speak. This helps you get a feeling in a controllable environment for the operation of a big rig.

As each day progresses, your road instructor will take you into more difficult driving conditions until you are ready to take a route through downtown Ft. Wayne.

Finally, as you close in on final testing, you will be taken from simply performing the maneuvers for the CDL exam to being put in scenarios that are incorrectly set up where we’ll then teach you how to make corrections. Anyone can complete the maneuvers when things are perfect, but knowing how to continue after a mess up is what really makes you a successful truck driver.

Working with Students

Most importantly, the staff at C1 Truck Driver Training truly cares about each student. You can hire people off of the street to do a job, but you can’t pay them to care. The staff at all 5 of our campuses take their jobs and responsibilities to the students very personally. We do not push people along until their time is up — we work with them to succeed.

Each instructor will identify students’ weaknesses and take steps to correct them. Sometimes it’s a simple matter of adjusting to a training point. Sometimes it’s keeping the student after hours for a little one-on-one training to bring them up to speed. The bottom line is: we care and are willing to go above and beyond to help you.

People always want to ask me what makes C1 better than any other trucking schools out there. My answer is always the same. I will not talk about another school or campus. I will not talk down about something that I do not have complete information on. However, I will talk about my own school.

I know what our abilities are and what we can do. At C1, we succeed where others have failed because we care and will give the extra effort time and time again.

Every student counts!