C1 Truck Driver Training Feedback – Getting Out of it What You Put In


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We received this comment on the C1 Truck Driver Training Fort Worth Facebook page a few weeks ago that I’d like to share with you today:

Truck driving school review
The text reads:

Entering my third and final week here. School is as advertised. I have no complaints. Student advice was dead on… you get out of it according to what you put in. If your not serious, you will have difficulties. Study, pay attention, apply yourself. Have had good instructors, Jerri in the classroom. Peggy and Doddie on the driving range. Polite, professional, yet firm and to the point. I’m sure that had alot to do with me being only the third driver to test out at 100% for the particular DPS tester that I had for my driving skills test. Paying attention and applying what I was taught paid off. I also have already obtained my doubles/triples and tankers endorsements, only hazmat remains. Will test for that this coming week. Thanks to everyone at C-1 Ft. Worth, I appreciate your help and support in starting my new career. I’ll stay in touch. JVP…

It is always good to see someone in any endeavor realize that, “you get out of it what you put into it,” as expressed by one of our recent graduates, Vic Pittman. There are always some who will play around and not study and then wonder why they are having such a rough time. But if you will listen, study, and ask questions, you will excel every time because we have some of the best instructors and personnel in the business.

At C1 Truck Driver Training, we strive to graduate the best qualified entry-level drivers in the market. One of our instructors proudest moments is when a student returns later to show them their new pretty truck and thanks them for all they’ve done for them. A good comparison would be the international Olympics being held in London at this time – a classic example of “getting out of it what you put into it.”